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Our focus is on properly educating equine enthusiasts while emphasizing the importance of safety, balance and harmony with your horse. Although a primarily english based facility, inculding Dressage and Hunters/Jumpers, we believe in educating our students with the well-roundedness of riding naturally...possibly even bareback and/or bridleless. Our well-loved horses are not just mounts to learn on but partners in our education system, who in turn deserve optimum communication skills!


Please come and enjoy our family oriented farm that is purposefully modest in size with the intent to remain personalized! 


Renae Rosier is the owner of Butterfly Lane. She graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Equestrian Science in 1994 from Salem-Teikyo Univeristy. Completion of her Instructor Certification in 1993 from the Long Island International Equestrian Institute has also proved very helpful in her teaching career. Private Instruction from the head Riding Master Raul de Leon, formerly of Westmoreland Davis Equestrian Institute at Morven Park, gave her the education of a lifetime. She continues her education by participating in clinics and higher education classes always with the open-mindedness that there is always something more to learn about these great animals that God has allowed in our lives.


Renae's teaching skills are valuable for all ages and abilities as it focuses on safety, balance and horse psychology. More than 25 years of teaching experience coupled with massive education and exposure in the "equine world" has given her the phenominal ability to relax the nervous rider and focus the timid. She is also extremely effective in contributing to the well-being of special needs students using hippotherapy.



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